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I recently founded my own corp for electrical contracting, with a longtime colleague as electrical contractor RMO. We're in San Francisco. Now I'm looking for an RMO who has a general B1 license and no criminal record.

Right now, we do small jobs in residential electrification, and don't take on much volume, since I'm also working as an employee in an architectural firm in parallel, and teaching at a local college.

I'm looking for an RMO with the B1 classification so we can eventually take on electrification projects that require framing, plumbing, and HVAC, and, after getting some experience in that, eventually qualify for some city projects.

We would cover expenses (Bond of RMO, fees, etc). We're open to discussing other terms, but, as mentioned, we're not doing big business right now. I'm hoping to find someone who wants to help create a business that's trying to position itself to do work on converting buildings to lower greenhouse gas emissions (i.e., all-electric and low-GHG refrigerants). That's my specialty in architecture as well, and that's what I teach part time in college. If there's someone who thinks they might need help in C-10 licensing or architectural topics, rather than $$$, that would be amazing, but we'll consider any options out there!
General B license holder since 1983. Have family in San Enselmo
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