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Hi Phil,
I am a California B-General, which is active and current. If I want to add a C-61 Limited specialty, and in particular the sub-category D-65 Weatherization and Energy Conservation, can I do this without the four year requirement related jobsite experience.?
The description that CLSB gives is : D65 - Weatherization and Energy Conservation Contractor

California Code of Regulations
Division 8, Title 16, Article 3. Classification

A weatherization and energy conservation contractor installs, removes, modifies or repairs or provides maintenance services for energy conservation products limited to the following: door and window weather stripping, caulking, water heater pipe wrap, water heater blankets, insulating gaskets for electrical outlet covers, shade screens, shutters, storm windows, tinted window film, residential water flow restricting devices installed onto existing fixture. (DOES NOT INCLUDE INSULATION, GLAZING OR HEATING VENTILATING AND AIR CONDITIONING WORK
I am interested in pursuing the emerging opportunities of being a “Green Contractor” and specialize in Residential energy retrofits.
Best Regards,
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