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Buying used tools.

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Iam looking for used tools to build cabinets and other furniture with. Is there any where I can buy some in a certain store or anywhere online. I looked on craigslist and ebay but everything I might need is far away and need to be picked up. Im from NE Iowa.Thanks for any input.
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Depending what you are looking for Craig's List would be a good place for larger machines. Certain woodworking outlets will also take in used equipment and sell for good prices.

As far as smaller tools look online for reconditioned tools. They carry a warranty and have been brought back to factory new specs. Best part is they are cheaper than new. If you pay attention sometimes reconditioned tools will go on sale and you can save some big bucks.

Look at CPO, Big Sky Tool, just to name a few.
Try local pawn shops as well.

They will ship to you, but you need a way to unload.

You might want to check out auctions. Machines typically go for about 50% of normal resale value, but again moving & taking the time to do the auction can be a lot of work.
IRS auctions (Industrial Recovery Services) are a major auctioneer, but there are many others.

Happy hunting,
get to know the other trade guys and watch cl and auctions.
cop and other rebuild stores are very good option to:thumbsup:
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