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Before moving to the US from Canada with my spouse, I was a carpenter. Now I'm thinking about buying a pool route near where we live in FL...I've done the due diligence, and the price is fair.

I called the building dept in my county, and the lady told me that I just need a business tax receipt from the tax collector to clean residential pools. Does that sound correct?

However, what I'd like to do is get licensed to do minor repairs/remodels as a county (not state) servicing contractor for residential pools. The lady at the county builder's dept indicated that it requires little more than passing a licensing test, and no experience needed. Does that sound correct?

Basically, I just want to be able to patch, re-coat, update coping/tile, change out a motor/pipes, etc.
I realize that to be a full-on pool/spa contractor, which would allow me to build pools, I'd have to have at least a year of hands-on experience with a pool builder...I'm in my 40's and I already own my own business, so I'm not prepared to sell my current business just to get that license, but are there any workarounds that would allow me to tap into the building side of things? I'd like to be able to build up the cleaning business, offer remodeling/repairs, and if someone wants to build a pool, just bid on it and subcontract it out.
Thanks, in advance, for any and all feedback. I'm just trying to figure out how to get from A to B.
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