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Butterfly Roof in North East????

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I am currently working on a project in New York in which one of the options is a Butterfly roof. This would be covered with a standing seam galvalume material. Although it is a very modern and cool looking roof, I wanted to see if anyone has had experience and opinion with similar roofs in the northeast or anywhere else where snow is a factor.
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I have done a few in commercial work here in Ohio.
Built with proper drainage and roof installed properly it's not an issue.

When you build a design like that you need to NOT nic pic which framers or roofers your going to use based on price, if you need to cut cost in order to stay in budget do it elsewhere.
There is nothing wrong with that type of roof. I think it is cool looking too. As long as the structure can support the weight of snow you will be fine. Most of the weight is going to be in the center valley. One very important detail is to make sure that the valley metal rides up both sides of the roof high enough to allow for snow build up without any water protrution. You also must have sufficient pitch in the valley itself to drain the water out into a leader head, gutter, or drain which ever may be your case. Eighty percent of the time in my experience especially flat roofs are never pitched to the drains properly or enough from day one.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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