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Building a shop near private septic lateral lines

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Would like to build a shop but the lateral lines are nearby. There are 5 lines running from NE to SW on the property. The tank is SE of them all. Only the southern most lateral line affects me. How close can I get to it with slab foundation for a shop?

Also wondering if I could remove the southern most one and add another on the north side.
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I guess you don't need a permit.
Around here you would have to submit a copy of your plate with your septic system & proposed building on it among other things. Every county here has different regs., but you want to make sure you are also not building in your septic reserve area & not driving over your laterals. Also, if you wanted to move a lateral that would open whole another can of worms.
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No permits needed. Out in the county and I'm pretty much on my own.

Just wanted to know if there was a good rule of thumb on how far to keep structures away from lateral lines.
Found the answer I needed. Arkansas DEQ states that it must be a minimum of 3 meters downhill from any structure. Should be okay where I'm wanting to put it.
How deep of a cut are you going to make for the foundation and how deep is the bottom of the septic trench? I would suggest calling a local septic designer that knows your codes and soils.
10 feet
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