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Building a gas fire pit

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I will be building a gas fire pit for my deck. I figure I have two possible was to go.

The first is to get a new section of cement sewer pipe about 36 inches wide and cut a 18 inch piece of it off. Lay that on the deck and mortar rock veneer to it and create a flagstone ledge on top. Pros is it would be round, and look really nice. Cons is getting one and moving such a heavy thing somewhere to cut it.

The 2nd way is to build a octagon fire pit out of metal studs and cement board then veneer it with rock and create a flagstone ledge on top. Pros - much easier to do. Cons - won't be as pretty as a round one.

Question 1 - I don't think the standard non-load bearing metal studs made from 25 guage will be strong enough. Not sure if they make stronger ones or where to get them?

Question 2 - anybody else got any ideas on who to build one other then the ways I came up with? Gotta be cheap.
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If you want to build a cheap pit why don't you use rock and cement?
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