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build a crate in landsdale PA

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Just bought a bike on Ebay. (KLX 250 so its not large) I might be in need of someone to crate it for shipping if the seller wont. I could pay you by credit card or paypal or money order.
Let me know if your interested can contact me at my hotmail acct with my same name
Cheers Jim
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Why does this sound like half the spam e-mails I get? :w00t: Are you a wealthy foreigner with a large bank account you can't access from outside the USA? :whistling Sorry man, couldn't resist.
ooh a friend had about a 1980 klx 250 I loved the sound of that 4 stroke w/a supertrapp:thumbsup:. He'd stand on the seat and ride wheelies for miles (literally)
Thanks Bert0168 Just sent you an email.

Timeless quality
Looking forward to getting it. It allready has the 330 big bore kit and aftermarket carb and exh.

Meetre Not wealthy, Not forigner, Unfortunatly I can access my bank acct so its not large. Regarding Spam I think I must have gotten the word out that my breasts and manhood are large enough becuase I dont get that spam anymore, Mosty getting stock tips and how to bid/sell to federal gov spam.

Cheers Jim
i have a 2007 kx450f.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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