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I've just put down a santos mahogany solid floor, and applied three coats of a satin polyurethane. I used a standard procedure of applying polyurethane, allowing this to dry, then a light sanding before the next coat of polyurethane. Although I did not notice anything unusual after the second coat, I now see that there are many very small bubbles in about half of the seams between adjacent boards. There are no bubbles anywhere else - just where the seams are.

I've measured the moisture of the boards and they are very reasonable - about 5%. Even the subfloor is only about 7.5 - 8%. So I don't think that excessive moisture of the wood flooring material is a problem here.

Has anyone out there seen this before? I haven't, and I'm not quite sure what to do about it. Is this a problem associated with this particular species of wood (Santos Mahogany)? Again, this is the first time that I have ever encountered this. Any comments and suggestions are welcomed.

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