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BTU numbers for gas line sizing

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I'm switching to gas, and will be having gas lines put in soon. From there I'll be having the furnace put in this summer, and then replace the elec hot water heater with a tankless gas one around winter, then next year do the range/dryer too.

Obviously I need to give the plumber the BTU numbers for the furnace and hot water heater, but I don't have any models selected for the dryer and range yet, I'll deal with those later.

I would think the loads on those would be pretty standard right, and the plumber could just estimate that without a specific number? i mean for most common models that is.
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I know for Propane - 3/4" min. for a tankless
Range varies based on style & BTU requried
Dryer can be a 1/2"

Not sure on Naturual Gas - but I think it would be the same
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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