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I posted this on the DIY board but I think there might be some more qualified responses from this one...anyhow,

I'm remodeling my basement bathroom and need to put in two new 15A breakers to complete my electrical needs. In order to fish the new wires to my breaker panel, which some wise-guy located in a finished bedroom closet, I need to remove my breaker panel and drill through to my utility room. My question is, how do I de-energize the breaker panel so that I can move it completely out of the cubby hole it is in now? I know I can switch off the main power coming into the house, but is this enough? Do I have to call the electric company to shut 'er down while I remove the panel, drill and fish, and reinstall? It is necessary for me to remove all breaker wires, etc. so that I can move the box... so what should I do with the hot wire coming in? Thanks!

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Make sure that there is no other way to get this wire in the panel because that will be a pain in the ass removing a panel for two circuits. It may be possible to drill through the back of the panel to get your access, or utilize one of the knockouts, if there are any. To answer your question, if the main breaker for the house is located at the meter base and not in the panel, once you shut it off your panel will be off. If the main is located in the panel, you need to first turn it off so there is no draw on your house, and then remove the meter can cover and pull the meter.
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