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For anyone interested - we just finished installing the Kahrs Mega Strip (see the other "brazilian cherry floor" post).
Here are some pointers that really work:
Get your floor as level as you can – made the boards easier to put together, and, of course, a leveler floor.
Buy a box of latex gloves and change them when you get a drop of glue on them.
Put duct tape on the part of the trowel you’re not using – makes cleanup a lot easier.
As far as the Mega Strip, it was good floor to put down. The boards just slid right together - it was like they melted together. There really wasn’t much variation (as far as color) in the wood – a few boards were a little darker and a few had a little more grain than the others – nothing was unacceptable. I really like the Kahrs finish – it has a good feel to it. It has been about 5 days and the color has darkened just a bit where there is direct sunlight, but not too much. The only way we could tell was because one day we left a box on the floor that left a faint line, but it's going away. We get a lot of sunlight on the south side of the room, so tie will tell how much color change there will be.
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