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Guys, for the last week I have been using boostability on one of my sites, They offer tracking, analytic s, and guide your through link processes, and on page seo.

the idea is great, the software is nice, and this seems promising.

My questions, is this all crap, or will I start seeing some benefits soon, have anyone here use them

its pretty affordable at 40.00 per month, and you can build links till your blue in the face.

For example they analyze competitor data, and tell you were to post a link, and what to write, to keep up and crush the competition.

through their software I have submitted my site to over 50 directories, forum posts, blog comments, wrote my blog with over 10 articles, content adding to my site and so on, its alot of work but this software guides is what I like.

So anyone ever have an experiences with them?

I think i will stick with it for the first month, and if none of the links im building get back to my site, Ill cease the subscription.
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