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Blum hinge basics?

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Ok im confused by blums concealed hinges literature.

What are the key things im looking for for a face frame hinge.

The more i read through the literature the more im confused.

Just have a basic face frame build and i normally do flush panel doors but this is only the second time i ever worked with blums concealed hinges.

Im sure its simple but i thinking im making it hard work :blink:
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Thanks guys

I think I need a 5/8" overlay with at least a 1/2" reveal and open to 105/107 degrees but not worried about soft close.

I think the compact 38n is the one I need for face frame use.

Its the dam charts that confuse the hell out of me. I would prefer to have one that would fold all the way back to the frame but the charts for the euro hinges with different plates is watch getting me.

Do they even make a hinge that will allow me to open a door and fold it fully open and back to the frame. Something like a 180 degree?
tjbnwi said:
Kent is correct, no Compact hinge past 110°, :


The number for a one piece 5/8" overlay 107° hinge is 38C355C.10

The number for a two piece 5/8" overlay 110° hinge is cup #33.3600, plate #130.1100.26

If you want a 170° hinge you have to use a Clip On.

I like plate #175L6600.24, the extra screws help stabilize the plate. Make sure the "L" of the plate clears the inside of the cabinet wall. If you have a shallow backset, pick a different plate.

Straight arm hinge #71T6550

Half crank hinge #71T6650

I highly/strongly recommend a mock up prior to boring the door.

Below you will find the pages from the Blum catalogue, you must follow the boring offset on the hinge page to get the proper overlay.

I might have to use the 110 with the plate on a couple of doors.
tjbnwi said:
Whatever you end up using do a mock-up. Proper drilling offset is a must.


Dam how is that possible lol. Thinking about it CT is one of the only apps that works on my first gen iPad now lol
tjbnwi said:
I haven't found one my iPad doesn't work on.

I can't run 5.0 as I have one if the ones that crashes every 10seconds or crashes when a page loads with more than a couple of pictures so had to downgrade to 4.3.5 and hardly any of my bloody apps work on that firmware. Now all it does is play videos for my boy on the way to the beach.
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