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Kent is correct, no Compact hinge past 110°, :


The number for a one piece 5/8" overlay 107° hinge is 38C355C.10

The number for a two piece 5/8" overlay 110° hinge is cup #33.3600, plate #130.1100.26

If you want a 170° hinge you have to use a Clip On.

I like plate #175L6600.24, the extra screws help stabilize the plate. Make sure the "L" of the plate clears the inside of the cabinet wall. If you have a shallow backset, pick a different plate.

Straight arm hinge #71T6550

Half crank hinge #71T6650

I highly/strongly recommend a mock up prior to boring the door.

Below you will find the pages from the Blum catalogue, you must follow the boring offset on the hinge page to get the proper overlay.



1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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