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for all you steel coating guys what do you think about this?

we will use the project i am currently bidding.

there are 2 scales where the steel under them is rusting and scaling badly. there is 4,000 square feet of steel combined with 30% rust.
It is also a confined space (4' high ceiling)

blasting i can go in at $2.15 per square foot - the downside is the confined space and the risk of someone getting hurt.

SSPC-3 Power tool cleaning I would be a little more but due to the conditions it will be safer for my guys. the downside is I will not get the proper mill profile for the painting

a third option is something called The MBX Bristle Blaster. similar to power tool cleaning but will run me $5.00 per square foot and give me a 2.7 to 3.3 mill porfile. this might price me out of the job.

the finish coat is two (2) coats of Macropoxy 646.

any other suggestions to prepare the steel? Think i should just Blast and get the job done faster?


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