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blasting outside in cold?

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just wondering what some of you are doing to work outside in extreme cold below freezing to keep warm and out of the weather or any other possible problems that might pop up , I have big jobs that I can't fit into my building like dumptrucks etc. I was thinking of getting a giant "dome" type shelter to keep me out of the wind, rain and snow, has anyone used one of these for blasting and or painting and what was your result good or do you wish you has done it differently and how? these things aren't cheap and I don't want to waste money, Oh ya I rent a shop so it has to be removable or cheap enuff to not worry about leaving behind , I think I need a 30 wide by 40 long and atleast 20 to 25 high so I can put the dump boxes up and do underneath, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Zeke, I'm in the same stuation. I have a 15 x 30', 12' high building that was intended for my equipment, I ended up blasting in it because of the rental problems of another site.

I have had may inquires about dump and large equipment from towns but no place to do them. (because of EPA and DEP they do not wan't them on on site)
I'm in maine so winters hit hard and gouge profit bad.

I don't have a lot of money to blow on a tent but was looking at some of the tents peolpe build for boats. most are 2x4 construction with shrink wrap on them.
they are shaped like a church stepel and stand up to snow and wind quite well.

Keep us posted as to what you find?
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Blasting in cold

Blasting in the cold can be a problem as the grit will freeze at the mixing valve if moisture is present,so keep a heater available to thaw out the bottom of your pot and get the blasted product out of your possession in a hurry unless you are coating it.
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