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Hello ContractorTalk..ers I am new to the site, was invited by James Dyer to join up to absorb as much knowledge from all you veterans.

I run a custom wood and finishing shop just South of Denver Colorado and during the summer months I restore wood entryways (doors, sidelights, transoms), which has become a big part of my yearly income. My general process is spending hours and hours of stripping the old finish by hand using chemical strippers, scrappers and finally sanding. I am looking to find a more efficient way of stripping old finishes...soda blasting. From what I have been told, softwoods get eaten up pretty bad from blasting but hardwoods can easily be stripped.

With that, I wanted to ask your opinion on equipment, experiences, advices, pros, cons, basically any pitfalls that I may come across, anything and everything you can tell me that will help set me up on the right path. Pictures are worth a thousand words too! Since the "door season" is now closed I have all winter to research and develop a more efficient, less hazardous method for stripping doors.

Thank you all in advance for the help and information and especially James for letting me know about this forum. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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