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Apparently you do not understand the greatness of Billy Mays! At times it's best to keep your mouth shut and open your ears and listen and learn from one of the best in the business.

If you could learn 1/10th of how to sell your product or services you would be rich also like Billy was.

He understood how to market a product. There are people and companies that stood in line for years to have them pitch there products. So instead of making fun of him why not learn from him.

When you read so many of the post in the forum here and everyone asking how to market there company and he was on the TV all this time. But no one takes time to ask how can I make this work for my company?

Instead it's easier to whine about why you can't sell in this economy.

Billy May's made the world a better place, one client at a time!:notworthy
Uhhh... Yeah.... Next time I'm selling a drywall, or retexture job to a customer maybe I should scream in their face and yell things like "AMAZING!!!!" and "BUT WAIT THERES MORE". And totally make myself sound better than I really am so they can be dissapointed later.
There was nothing great about him, he just got lucky and things fell in place for him. Do you know how many talented bands are out there that you'll never here of? It doesn't matter how good or loud you are, either luck or God gives you a boost. To take credit for yourself is only arrogance.
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