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for you guys blasting. I am thinking I am billing my customers all wrong and losing money

because I am a nice guy I bill when I hit the trigger. no set up and most of the time no travel if its within 30 min.
how do you guys bill a local job? hit the clock as soon as your on site or wait like me? I think it should be as soon as I arrive. I have a job this morning and that's how I am going to bill.

opinions please

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Ah that's a hood question,
Local jobs within 25 miles or less I do a set rate
2 mile or 25. Out more it's $ set per mile to and from the job.

Billing, for blasting. Depends if the guy wants to talk to me for a hour about his stuff. Bull crap cost money. Lol
If I'm just a few minutes, and the customers cool I'll charge when I pull the triger.
If it's a large job, guys cool and let's me work, I treat him good.

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For me I have never billed hourly. I just hate the thought of being watched closely. If I take a break or make a repair am I still on the clock or if they think I moved too slowly... I have often just given one price and when in doubt I use a combination of a fixed price, like five hundred for the day and then ad a per bag cost at what ever rate I think will work out for me like around forty a bag. This way you never get an argument and you can take your time if you need to. Works for me.
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