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Bill the owner for snow removal on bldg pad??

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Currently doing a warehouse expansion project and we are only required to get the bldg pad proof rolled once the asphalt parking lot was removed. We milled the lot last week and started doing some storm work. Well tomorrow we have the geotech coming to check the densities of the pad but we just got dumped on by 16" of snow. Snow removal is not in our contract, so would i be wrong in telling the GC i have to get paid to move this snow which will take around 2 hours??
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The geotech can walk through the snow, you can clear a small area with a shovel, geotech can dig his little hole, or set up his nuc testing equipment, move to the next location....same thing.

They never test the whole pad, why would you have to clear the whole pad?
Well the snow is going to have to be removed later either way as the pad is now about 6" lower than it was supposed to be after the asphalt was removed due to the asphalt being twice the thickness they said it would be. Also if the soils are not coming up we would have to remove and replace with good material which is a TM item in our contract.
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I'd put the snow in with the T&M.

It's not your did not put it there, but it is in the way. Get the owner of the snow to move it ...or move it for him, and get paid.
If you have to move it to complete the job you should be paid.
On the job we are on we are getting an extra (T&M) for snow removal.
Good to hear thanks
I usually add that to my exclusions list and provide alternate pricing if requested. But you should absoulutly be reimbursed for the removal. If they squawk remind them what there pad will look like when all the snow melts and turns into lake okaboji.:thumbup:
So did you remove snow? Anyways I am sure you will get paid for it.
You missed a great marketing opportunity.


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