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Bid sheets and contracts

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Well here we go another rookie in this vast complicated trade is requesting information. I can demo the interior and exterior of a home and put it back together and sell it to the first person that looks at it. I think I have this part of this business in the bag. The part that I don't know is the paper work end. When someone asks me for a bid and also THE CONTRACT I am in big trouble. I have been lucky haven't had to produce one yet. I hate not knowing this.

I would like to see what a professional bid and contract look like for a REO, or small addition, or a kit remodel.

Anyone got time to help with this?

Any info would help.

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Find an example of a remodeling contract, You may want a Service Agreement, and lastly a contract for building a new home. If you are not needing these right now - Get your ATTORNEY to draft a good one for you that knows your state laws. It may cost alot up front - but protect you over time.

Bidding - See the other posts on this topic. So many different ways to bid.

An Important thing to learn - from the start - Look at your cash needs during the project for materials and labor-

You need to be able to make draws timely to be able to meet your purchasing and payrolls when due.

I set up my draws based upon cash flow needs.

We use the terms: "Upon the Start of " vs Upon completion of

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