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Bid sheets and contracts

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Well here we go another rookie in this vast complicated trade is requesting information. I can demo the interior and exterior of a home and put it back together and sell it to the first person that looks at it. I think I have this part of this business in the bag. The part that I don't know is the paper work end. When someone asks me for a bid and also THE CONTRACT I am in big trouble. I have been lucky haven't had to produce one yet. I hate not knowing this.

I would like to see what a professional bid and contract look like for a REO, or small addition, or a kit remodel.

Anyone got time to help with this?

Any info would help.

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Gary, check out the file swap area & search here on contracts - there are plenty of good ones already posted here

You can also pay for the National Estimator Contracts, Michael Stone's site, or the JLC Legal Contractors kit - all are customizable, lets you add in clauses that may be needed in your area, etc...

No matter which route you go - Bounce it off your lawyer for a thorough review, or maybe have him draw one up from scratch for you that includes all your worries, etc...

thanks for the strait answer to my question. This site can be brutal when the inexperienced guy seeks answers to his questions.

I have searched the web and have looked at wide variety of forms and software, bought some blank forms at office max.

I have never filled one out a bid or a contract, just wanted to look at the other guy's system of bidding and how his contract looks, how it is laid out and worded ect.
Find an example of a remodeling contract, You may want a Service Agreement, and lastly a contract for building a new home. If you are not needing these right now - Get your ATTORNEY to draft a good one for you that knows your state laws. It may cost alot up front - but protect you over time.

Bidding - See the other posts on this topic. So many different ways to bid.

An Important thing to learn - from the start - Look at your cash needs during the project for materials and labor-

You need to be able to make draws timely to be able to meet your purchasing and payrolls when due.

I set up my draws based upon cash flow needs.

We use the terms: "Upon the Start of " vs Upon completion of

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