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bid pricing...

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I am having a basement finished in western NC (Asheville)

Simple drywall, subfloor, carpet, trim, paint etc...some electrical...

My question:

Should I look for a full job quote or a per/hour quote?

I have a guy who has done great work and charges $55/hr for himself and an assistant...he subs out electrical...

In the per/hour instance, should this include materials?...

Sorry to take up space with consumer questions but this group seems pretty experienced...

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Why would you go per hour? I've never had a customer ask me how much will you charge me per hour. They always want a bid quote and to know if there are ever any hidden charges. Please read this article:

I doubt highly $55 per hour includes materials. It's usually time+materials. Actually it's usually time +materials+materials markup (usually 15%).
i charge $20 an hour and supply all materials and financing . we also feed the family while we,re on site buss. is booming
$20 per hour is a great wage but... what about overhead, labor burdens etc? When we do T&M jobs we charge about $50 on average depending what it is we are doing.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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