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Hey Bob...

I thought this might help if not for this project, for future reference. I cringe when I hear the words I-Joist and Rafter used in the same sentence because SO MANY TIMES, I've been called out to jobs where they're installed wrong or cut wrong.. sometimes bearing on the web or not attached properly... I just dread it because if it is not done properly the repairs are usually VERY costly.

I am attaching some details that I hope help.. at least I am attempting to - having difficulties for some reason! :furious:
Thanks, YoShar! Good info in those PDF's.

The HO's that contracted us to build the house ended up going with a trussed roof and floors instead. We're going to stick frame an I-Joist roof the first chance we get, though, so I'll hang onto those PDF's for future reference. ;)
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