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Best Product

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Hi guys.
Just found this forum, and I have to say, thank you.
Ive been painting for 8+ years now and its nice to find a forum where the veterans are willing to share their knowledge with us rookies. For my 1st post I wanted to ask everyones' opinion.

Now I know that any good painter can work with any paint, but I'd like to know what you guys favor the most? From all of my experiences, I have found myself always using Shermin Will. and Olympic. I have had some very bad experiences with Glidden and Ben Moore. Nothing to do with the actaul product, but the dealer who sells it.

What do you guys think?
And again, thanks for the advice.
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Best paint

Do you do exteriors, interiors or both? and where are you at. Different products for different regions!!

Welcome to the board. I found it just recently and really enjoy it.
I like Sherwin Williams the best!

Specifically: Duration and Cashmere

I know these cost more but I think they make up for the cost in application time.
Sounds like you do mostly interiors? My choices are Sherwin Williams and Porter. We do mostly commercial applications and use a lot of SW DTM, ChemCrhomeic, & DryFall.
We also use a lot of speciality paints & epoxys that are designed for specific applications from regional suppliers.
Just found this site a week ago. Very nice. I use A100 and SuperPaint for exteriors. I'm going to be trying Duration this month for the first time. And depending on what I'm doing for interiors, ProMar 200, SuperPaint and Cashmere.
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I prefer Benny Moore myself. Plus I got a helluva deal with them for products so that helps at decision making time. Interiors, Regal Wall Satin, Regal Matte, (just like Cashmere), Waterborne/Alkyd satin Impervo.

Porter's BlankIt is an awesome primer, and I like their alkyd Glyptex too.
Sorry bout that ECS..
I do both In/Ex. Im located in Saginaw, Michigan.
I prefer A-100 and woodscape stain for Ex.
I prefer ProMar 400 for Int.(not 100% sold on SW's color accents yet)

But I did do a drywall job for a friend of a friend. Budget was a concern. I went to Home Depot and picked up Valspar new construction primer. I was very amazed with the quality of the primer for 8.97 per gallon. I ran into a veteran painter I know, and asked him. He told me that over the last 5 years, he's only used Valspar primers. He claims that you cant be the quality for the price you pay.

Sad to say, as much as I praise Sherm Will., some of their primers are horrible products, ie. PrepRite Primer.

Well thx for the feedback guys. Talk to you soon.

Hey Josh!
Sorry I read your post so fast and replied too quick.

My fav's are: For interior Benjamin Moore all the way,
Exterior-Cabot stains, Coronado(Maxum) and my new favorite concrete stain Tuff Top made here locally.

I heard about valspar too but haven't tried it. I know up in the northern region for interior primers a lot of guys liked Muralo.
Lynn, have you used the new Ben Moore Regal Matte Finish? I love it, rolls and cuts like butter.

You want the best paint on the market? Pratt & Lambert. But at around $30+ my cost, its rarely used around here.

Josh, as for the SW primers, junk IMO. Their preprite line is the worst I've ever seen. And their wallcovering primers, especially preprite, are nothing but a joke.

Believe it or not, I prime for wallcovering using Zinsser's Gardz. I love the stuff. Its second only to Scotch Paint's DrawTite, and I'll be using more of that soon as I am negotiating prices to have it shipped to StL as I type. :Thumbs:
As I said, I agree.
For a company that can make some of the best paint on the market, why make a primer (preprite), that is rated in quality at the same level as say, dutch boy?
I worked for Sherwin will as a contractor sales rep way back before gunpowder, snicker, They do have thier crap together.

In FL, I prefer Glidden interior paint, it seems to have the highest fade resistance.
I did a repair on a very sunny wall 5 yrs. after the original painting and the new paint disappeared into the old. That was over 20 yrs. ago and I have had the same experience many times since.
I only paint one house on the exterior, my last 2 had colored stucco.
Matte Finish

I am dying to try the Benny Moore matte finish. My cousin who is a painter is backed up with work right now because of the matte finsh. The women just love it. My parents(whom own a BM store up north) can't keep enought of it in stock. So I will try it as soon as I can and beleive me I will let ya know what I think. I love new products!!! Something to get excited about.
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