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N.Y. Painter,

Well, let me think...

Question #1-2 combo: There is S&W, Duron, Porter Paints, Pittsburg Paints, Glidden, Benjamin Moore, and my favorite… M.A.B. Paints. (Note: They are my favorite, because they are right up the road from where I live, so access is easy, and they have excellent product.) I’m sure there are a few others, but they escape my recall at the moment. To get the best prices… wear painter’s whites, set up an account, buy substantial quanties, and maybe request a sales rep. In other words, establish yourself as a contractor.

Question #3-4: Find a paint store close to you, walk in (wear the whites) and give ‘em a chat to see what services to the contractor they offer, and what it would take to set up an account. I think any paint store will deliver when quanties are requested. It would also be a good place to drop off some cards, if you are getting started. My guys at M.A.B. Paints in Winter Park are super. I wouldn’t trade ‘em for a group of good coonhounds, even if the dogs could hunt. I have yet to be in any paint store in Central Florida where the folks were un-friendly (if you wear your whites).

Question #5: I do mostly residential repaints. I use the best products my paint store offers, except if I’m doing a rental, where the property manager is looking for price and speed, then I will use an apartment grade flat designed to cover in one coat and look good. That is what I use on most ceilings, also, because of the flat, flat coverage. I shy away from commercial work. I have done the new construction thing, and have been cured of it. My philosophy is fit the paint to the project, meaning; I’m not one to use a cheap paint on a residential repaint, or a pricey paint on a rental property.

I’m glad you found a place you can call home. There certainly is a great group of diverse folks here. You are fitting in very nicely, and you are very polite. But, you gotta get the shift key unstuck on your keyboard. Typing all caps makes me think you are hollering. ;)

So, how are you coming along with the license and insurance stuff? Did Nathan shoot you in the right directions?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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