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Best floor material for a house on a crawlspace

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A client has a house built on a crawlspace. The floor is rotted away in some places and buckling in others. I need to give an estimate for the replacement.
I thought either straight plywood 5/8 thick or tung & groove plywood, pressure treated. I plan to stabilize the floor joists using either 2x4 or 2x6 I will decide when I tear the old floor up as I do not want any buckling in the future.

Can anyone recommend something other than plywood? Has anyone used Sturd-i-floor? The client wants the cheapest method. Is there anything I can do to help with the moisture coming up from the crawlspace? How would I insulate or should I leave that for the carpet layers?
Also, I will have to tear up the old floor and lay the new. Any pointers on pricing would be great
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Yea....use 3/4 osb t&g love the stuff.

Spread plastic on the ground in the crawl and glue it up foundation walls, it will help with the moisture.

As far as 2x4 or 2x6, use the same size lumber as the joist when sistering a floor, it's just a wise policy.

Better make sure that there is plenty of air movement in the crawl space. I'm not sure of the vent sizes but there is a formula based on the crawl space size to determine that number of square inches of the vents.

If fresh air blows in and out you shouldn't have a problem. It's the trapping of damp hot air that makes it like a greenhouse.

I've seen wood floors move to a 12" center peak b/c of lack of ventilation! :eek:

6 mil plastic and 30 weight felt should be put down too.

If done properly you can lay down anything ...even moisture sensitive hardwood.
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