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Best Finish For Mahogony ?

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I have my first job using mahogony on the books for July. I'll be putting down T&G on a porch sitting on an enclosed crawlspace that will have ventilation added.

What is the best finish for this application for maintaining the natural color? I realize it will darken over time, and that's acceptable. Just don't want to loose the natural beauty. Any comments on penetrating oils? Being a porch it is covered, but will still have UV exposure and elements of the northeast. They don't want anything to peal and look like crap next year. Oil does need reapplied, but is pretty simple for DIY.

First time working with mahogony and want to understand as much as possible before pricing the finish.

Thanks all.
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TWP 100 series.

Mahogany has become a generic term, what kind of wood is it really.

Don't pre finish all four sides. Reread.

Screw through the groove not the tongue. Don't jam up the joints allow an 1/8 , cut a small 1/2'' slot in the T every three feet or so. Done correctly the screw and the slot will not show. Use construction adhesive on the joists.

I would most likely use twp 116 rustic. TWP is a build coat finish put on two right away. It never needs to be striped. Remember no natural or clear outdoor finish has any uv protection, use it and your project will go gray/silver. In 15 years or so I have never had TWP 100 series peal,lift,or go bad.

John. Why would advise against coating the bottom/sides of the boards.

Also, have you had any luck with staples, rather than screws? I planned on screwing it as the moisture cycles may not be suitable for staples...shrinking and swelling pulling the staples.
Building inside, Building outside. Total different.

Over the years I have see at least a dozen T&G decks build like they were an inside floor. They all failed for the same reason. They were not an inside floor.

Woodworkers,to include good deckbuilders, fight movement. Prefinishing all four sides allows the bottom to remain semi sealed while the weather breaks down the finish on the top. The finish makes the adhesive ineffective . Several other reasons.

I have ipe T&G decks out over 15 years that still look the same as the day I installed them including my hot tub room floor open to the west sun and storm. They were installed just the way I told Ya.

You of course can do it or not do it.

The wood is red marenti.

Unfortunately PA, and all local states, are VOC restricted the TWP 100 is not available.
Gemini also makes a water base product, Storm Shield, that if anything outperforms the 100 series. The down side is it sets up really quick and the colors are a little different.

The Asian wood will surface check right away and is softer by far than the South American lumber. If you can switch your Customer it would be a good idea.

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