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Inspired by a few posts in another thread that made me giggle....

What is your best "Brainless" moment when on a job?

I have a few ;)

Let me start with - - Several years ago I was replacing some black iron gas pipe in a large, older home. Had my tool bag and a 5 gallon bucket full of black iron fittings. Crawling around the attic pulling my drop light, tool bag and bucket was a pain in the arse to say the least. About 2 hours into the job, not paying attention to what I was doing, I move my light, and my tools to the next location I was going to be working. Went back for the bucket of fittings and brought them over. Then proceeded to set said bucket between two ceiling joists. Yep... you guessed it... it fell through the sheet rock and onto the customers dresser below. Caused some damage to the dresser too...

I bet I sat there staring through the hole in the ceiling, wondering how the heck I could have done something so dumb for a full 5 minutes before I climbed down and went in search of the home owner to fess up to what I had just done...

Not my greatest moment...
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