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we did this total gut job except for insulation and electrical and painting.
My son's so the money was

And I thank all that gave me a tanks and a computer is so slow I have to put a big effort in anything ai do here!

I asked repeatedly management for a new password so I can use my aol. browser but I never get one......

Sean I like rustoleum and use it sanded the metal primed it and put two coats on.....and it holds up but when I use copper drips over the irons it affects it and any minute nick results in electrolysis.

So I paint the tops of the L irons with foundation coating and laquer thinner or turpentine where they rest on on the walls and on the entire tops before setting the drips on. Fab flash over that.
Under each end I cut pieces of tar paper and stick to the last 6'' of the L lintel on each end where it bears on the jambs. I'll post some pics eventually but it stops blister rust esp. at ends.

Galvanized is best but with copper drips it needs similar.i.e. paper and tar befor the copper can be layed over it. Mulehyde makes a spray but it's easier with the homeade lemonaid....I just did my chevy dump frame with it sprayed the entire bottom and frame ...used a body shultz sprayer with a whith a short tube...fantastic but messy..used almost 4 un cut gals, two coats. We used to use this great stuff called asphaltum...but they took it off the market as it contained asbestos...dried fast..nice stuff.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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