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Looks super fantastic.
Proportions complement each other well.

Any reason they didn't want some finished panels under the desk?
Bead board, car siding, or something?
For the simple reason that it was simple. No messing with the outlets or HVAC and it was one less thing to do which helped keep the price in their budget. It also made install a breeze.

Normally we have "benchmarks" we try and hit during the install. I'll set the laser back up to show us exactly where I took the measurements from when I first designed the unit, so we build back to these marks...not on this just wasn't that important.

This was due to the fact that there was really almost no critical dimensions to hold with the lack of uppers/lowers stacked. That removed any critical vertical benchmarks and the oversized bench seat allowed us to just let the dressers fall where they needed to and any difference under or over the original span between the two was taken care of by cutting the bench seat to fit.
It took us only 2 hours and 45 min to get the whole unit installed.

The rest of the day was spent trimming this and one other room.

Theological Carpenter
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That's some real nice work. It looks like you had fun building it as well. I love getting projects like that!

I'm curious as to what paint/lacquer you used to finish the cabinets, and what spray set up you use?
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