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Batton width for 1x8 boards

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I'm sloely working on a project for a friend residing a animal shelter with board and batton. I've got 1x8 boards on and now need to decide on the batton width. The boards will have up to 1/4" gap between them because there was a rush to get them up(lambs on the way) and the boards were both very green(shrinkage) and they had ice on them when I put them up(scraped as much of it as I could off but still held them apart a bit). I'm thinking of going with 2" battons but I'm not sure how that will look. Any thought?
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I always use 1x3's. They are wide enough they don't split, span less than flat gaps and are readily available.
I'd probably go with 1x2 (1.5 actual width) with the 1x8 boards, anything bigger would look too massive.

Nail in between the boards so they don't split when it moves..
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