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Bathroom Remodel

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Here's a little project we recently completed...Before:

We removed the 36x36 tile shower completely (1500 pounds worth!)
Replaced the shower with a 42" Neo-Angle cultured marble shower base & tile walls with glass doors
New Toilet
Removed tile vanity and replaced it with a maple vanity & granite top
All new faucets & fixtures


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Looks nice, always makes a big difference taking out those separating walls in the showers.
Thanks! Yeah, it took awhile to figure out the best configuration, between the window and the odd offset in the existing shower I couldn't come up with too many options that made much sense...I think this one works pretty well though! (the worst part is the towel bar location and tp holder location...otherwise I actually like the look!)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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