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Basics to chimney repair?

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I am trying to make sure I can stay busy this fall. I have done a decent amount of masonry work. I've rebuilt a bunch of old stoops in the past, can lay block, stone etc. I am interested in getting into chimney repair as I assume my masonry skills would easily transfer over.

So lets say someone has a brick chimney where the brick is poping off of it in the top 5 feet. Whats the correct method to repair this?
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I've done some chimney re-lays. And re-lined some chimneys with a chimney-sweep friend. I don't know about the re-lining. The re-lining guy didn't know masonry. If you are qualified for masonry and team up with a chimney sweep, I think there is a lot of work in caps, re-lining, rebuilds (re-laying) and tuckpointing.

You might also connect with people selling wood burners and other burners.

You should have scaffolding and masonry equipment and be well versed in flashing.
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