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Basement ceiling sound control

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We are drywalling basement ceiling with hardwood floors on the first story.

The floor trusses are 20'' tall 19.2 oc. I was planning to strap it out till i found out there are 45 recessed cans.

Now we have to decide on 2' wide rolls of r19 friction fit parallel to trusses, double 5/8 drywall, or a homasote/drywall combination.

Any thoughts?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts we used this in conjunction with batt insulation in joist bays.

We used it in bedroom and living room ceiling. Ran about 50 bucks a sheet if I remember correctly. Client seemed to really like it.
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mineral fiber insulation (roxul) in joist bays, homasote to joists, 5/8" drywall to joists, 1/2" drywall with 2 or 3 tubes of Green Glue on the back, avoid joists, homasote will grab the screws. Fill all gaps as 1st two layers go on, tape and spackle final layer as usual.

Dont use Homasote knockoffs (GP brand) they wont grab the screw properly, and you wont get the dimpled paper on that final layer of 1/2".
Roxul really works good.
I used it for party wall between two apartments and was surprised how much it cut out.
Definitely better than fiberglass.
I've used 4'x8' cork board that I get from my drywall supplier. Then quiet rock. Strapping that ceiling with metal hat channel would be the best route to go if ya could. :thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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