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I just moved into a new house, and when the driveway was poured, immediately the next day it started to pit and scale. I remember that day the temperature dropped from 70F to 33F during the night. I am trying to get the builder to replace it, and am trying to give them a reason to.

Dan Clark

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I wonder if he used any calcium in the poor. 33 is low enough to require calcium. If he finnished in the eve, there would'nt be proper time to set before the low temp hit it.

You could easily find out if he used calcium by calling the ready mix co. and having them trace the order.


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Around here in SE MIchigan if we see scale and pitting the mix was bad to begin with, then add to that the warm ground, cold air temps PLUS different cure rates top-to-bottom due to the temp. difference. Then there's evaporation due to wind and humidity (did they cover it with plastic sheeting?). People ask me when my buddy I do concrete (I do the removal/excavating and he does the pour/finish) "Is it quaranteed?" "Yes" we tell them. "We guarantee we'll do a good job and guarantee it will crack". If they balk at the "cracking guarantee" after we give them an explanation why their old concrete cracked, we don't work for them.

If you don't get anywhere with the builder, all the manger/owner of the concrete supplier and have them inspect it---don't waste time getting them there---sooner the better. If that doesn't work, don't sign off on the "Wavier of Lien" that the builder will have you sign.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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