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In simplest form as an answer to your question, add a Signature with your websites URL to your User Profile for all of your posts.

Post at least 100 times on various forums that allow Signature Links.

Keep your replies in mind that potential consumers may and do read what you have written and posted about.

There is more, but that gets you started.

To check on how many Inbound Links you have directed towards your site, one excellent resource is Yahoo Site Explorer.


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I was going to jump in here with a number of ways to get backlinks but the problem that is it gets overwhelming and no links get built.

I will say this, the more links you get from the same IP address the less value each link carries. Forum posting is a good way to build backlinks. I will add one more to the list for now.

Google has a neat feature for finding blogs...when you are on search page and you enter a search term (one that is related to your site) you can got to the top of the page and click on more options. There you can click on blogs. At this point you should have quite few blogs that you can post comments on with links back to your site.

Some people call this comment spamming...if you are adding value to the blog with real comments then (IMO) you are not comment spamming.

I did a search for "kitchen & Baths" here is the page with the search results:

Kitchen & Baths Results

You wont be able to post comments on all these blogs but I'll bet you can find quite a few.

Have a great weekend


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backlinks is not all about getting as many backlinks as you can. They have to be quality backlinks. Links on pages related to the contractor industry as in our case. you also need to have a good anchor text for your links .

A lot of forums and blogs will have no folllow links meaning google will not follow them or consider them for pr or as backlinks. So the point of posting on these blogs and forums for pr or serps is useless. Do a little research online how to get good backlinks.

The best way really to get backlinks is through article submissions. at sites such as these are really good methods on getting your backlinks out there.

I also recommend doing mutual trade links. They still count mo matter what people tell you , have reciprocal links are still valuable. I would trade with other contractors in different states in the same industry you are in.

Another way to get your backlinks out there is to be a contributor to other sites. Such as mine (sorry for the selfish plug) where you write for a blog or website and they give you backlinks on each article you write.

Getting listed on superpages,merchant circle, kudzu, etc,etc also another great way to get backlinks that are quality.

Do not worry about getting a ton of backlinks , concentrate on getting a few very good quality backlinks from your industry and you will rank really high as long as you have good content and site seo .

any questions please ask , oh yeah if you want to contribute to my site hit me up
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