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Hi folks! I used to be on this sight quite a bit a few years back. My business has changed, and I am back but have changed my name. My old business was called Home Repairs, so my screen name was Hmrepairs. I will now go by Nettinga1, which is simply my last name. I have sold my business and have taken a job with a commercial contractor. I wanted to re-introduce myself so everyone knows I have a limited history with the sight.

My new (2 years alreay) job is as a warranty/service/ and special projects manager for a commercial contractor here locally. We are a general contractor working on projects up to about 20 million dollars. It has been a great change for me, and I truly enjoy what I do. I have also gotten rid of a lot of the stress that comes from owning your own business, as many of you know. However, my wife and I still own a few rental properties, so some aspects of self employment still remain.

Look forward to checking in once in a while again, and learning from those more intelligent than I. Seems like that is pretty easy to find anymore!
Stacy Nettinga
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