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Does the building code in Florida allow pole barns?

If so, what is the code for uplift and wind loads?

How far do the poles have to be embedded in the ground?

Are there different preservatives for subterranean termites?

Are they popular?

If so, what markets are they popular in? Ag only? Equestrian? Commercial?

I have family there, love it there, build them full time in NY and hate the cold.

It's Feb in NY. Are you hiring? :laughing:

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Yes they are allowed, mostly for ag or rural residential.

Post and beam connections all through bolted. All trusses have hurricane clips. I screw all purlins.

Posts usually buried 4-6'. Sometimes I see them on piers. ACQ is fine .040-.060 in contact usually. Around here I see many retired utility poles used too.

Around here AG is exempt from permits, so I have seen some real "winners". I always try to over build.

No hiring here though. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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