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Attention all Golfers!!!

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Hello again,

Second post, got great feedback from the first, so I figured I would ask another question.

I have an opportunity to advertise with a local golf tournament (nothing big, just an amateur, fun golf scramble with a good percentage of local, and (I would assume) more "well off" people. Is it a good idea to sink a relatively small amount of money into advertising of this sort?

I would get a hole sponsorship, signage, flyers, etc. and also be played over the hosting entity's media, TV, Radio, internet, THE WORKS.

It almost seems like a no-brainer to me at this point in our business development, but I was wondering, from my peers perspective, am i over-hyping it because I myself love golf? or is it really the no-brainer that I assume that it is?

Or is the only way to find out, to do it once and put myself out there like that.... :eek:

Help on this issue is appreciated, and would be awesome if I could get perspective from both an avid golfer, and a contractor looking at advertising possibilities.
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For the most part the demographic playing in golf tournaments is the one I want seeing my advertising, I'm with you there.

Do they let you tee off too as part of the advertising package? :thumbsup:
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