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Attention all Golfers!!!

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Hello again,

Second post, got great feedback from the first, so I figured I would ask another question.

I have an opportunity to advertise with a local golf tournament (nothing big, just an amateur, fun golf scramble with a good percentage of local, and (I would assume) more "well off" people. Is it a good idea to sink a relatively small amount of money into advertising of this sort?

I would get a hole sponsorship, signage, flyers, etc. and also be played over the hosting entity's media, TV, Radio, internet, THE WORKS.

It almost seems like a no-brainer to me at this point in our business development, but I was wondering, from my peers perspective, am i over-hyping it because I myself love golf? or is it really the no-brainer that I assume that it is?

Or is the only way to find out, to do it once and put myself out there like that.... :eek:

Help on this issue is appreciated, and would be awesome if I could get perspective from both an avid golfer, and a contractor looking at advertising possibilities.
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For the most part the demographic playing in golf tournaments is the one I want seeing my advertising, I'm with you there.

Do they let you tee off too as part of the advertising package? :thumbsup:
If you do it, let us know how much it costs and how much business you get from it. Flyers, canvassing, pay-per-click, and all sorts of other channels would be on my list before golf tournaments.

Yes, four golfers are included, green fees, carts, lunch, drinks, and an entire hole of advertising... par3 or par5? No clue haha... it is to benefit wounded vets in our area as well, really nice golf course, and pretty difficult...

One thing I wprry about is if I get stuck with hole 15 after people are already 3 sheets to the wind... but still, tv, radio, and internet advertising, plus all of the above??? Catering toward my target demographic???
I thought your target demographic was people who need new fences.
...Catering toward my target demographic???
CarpenterSFO - I completely agree... My target demographic should be the amount of fences that can humanly be done by my small crew and I.

On the other hand, and I am sure that I have read this kind of thing on here before, I would rather sell four $6,000-$7,000 fences, than six $2,000-$3,000 fences. I like to do very nice work, and working on a HomeDepot budget just sometimes doesn't allow me to be as intricate and custom as I would like. Sometimes, the people that have the time and money to donate to this program are also the people who have the need for a 7ft privacy fence.

In the end, yes I will be happy with every single customer that I get to help out, but I am a naturally creative person, and having a larger budget allows me to make custom pieces/projects that I otherwise couldn't viably do.

Plus, I love golf... Not all that good at it, but love the game.
"this program" Being the charity golf tourney for wounded vets
Can but good exposure talk to your insurance agent and see if they will insure a hole in one contest. I talked to my agent to sponser one but all the golf tournies were booked solid but to get a $100,000 hole in one insurance was pretty cheap. A million was surpassingly cheap

This was in Canada not sure how it would cost in the US.

But it would get you some press if some one got it.
I would definitely lean towards doing it. An excellent opportunity to network with people that can potentialy need your service and its all for a good cause. To me there is no downside unless you say the entry fee is $10k!

I would ask the event organizers about what your potential marketing exposure should be based upon past events. They should be able to provide some details so you can gauge what you ROI will be.
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I have 20 years in the Golf Course industry. I say if you want to help some Vets and have some fun go for it. But don't expect much as for advertizing, these men and women just want to have a beer and play golf. Wear you logo shirts and hats and have some business cards. If the opportunity comes for a little networking go for it.
I will clear a couple things up....

It is significantly less than 10K to sponsor a hole (10%ish), four golfers with all food and drinks included...

You get a month on a University website, 6 tv channels, and 2 or 3 radio channels...

I imagine the TV and radio exposure is somewhat limited in terms of time, but for a month, I would imagine that it would reach 3 thousand to 5 thousand people conservatively? City of right around 300,000 people, a good percentage of homes being from 1980 or earlier (key age of homes that are in desperate need of repairs).

The guy in charge didn't/doesn't want to make it sound bigger than it is, so all he let on to was there was a full turnout last year, and 50+ total sponsors.

If there is anything I appreciate it is the people who could do what I couldn't, and go fight for my and our freedoms we like to take advantage of, so the reasoning behind the tournament is fantastic.

Like I said, we are still on the fence about it and still have time to decide... even after talking to people who attended last year's event (sponsors and attendees). Got reviews that said it was worth it for sure, and also not so much...

I am in a pickle guys... :confused1:
It would help to know what the cost to sponsor amount is??

If that amount is too high then see if you give an amount you are more comfortable with. Perhaps you sponsor half a hole?

This is really more of a charitable donation than anything else. True you will get some exposure and good PR in the community but this is a charitable donation.
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