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Atlanta Area Flooding

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I haven't seen anyone mention this. When the water goes down are you guys in GA going to be crazy busy?

We usually have quite a few basement wall repairs when our river floods out but it doesn't get nearly as bad as it looks down there.

I keep looking at these news photos and thinking about all the mold and crazy stuff that will need to be pulled out of those houses. :blink:
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Maybe im just picky but in '99 we had a terrible flash flood, got 9 inches of rain in 3 hours ran off all the hillsides like a raging river. Water came within a foot of the flood control in town but the worst damage was the small streams and creeks that overflowed their banks. We got 2 foundation repairs where like 5 tons of gravel got washed into the crawlspace. Terrible work have to remove it by hand in a 30" crawlspace. The other job we got had to pull all the wet skanky insulation out, redo all the footings in the crawlspace for the support beams that got washed out, jack the floors back up then reinsulate. So if it was me id avoid flood repairs like the plague. :laughing: Now tornado dmg, once all the debris was cleaned up wqe got decent work from that.
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The last time we had flooding (which was minor compared to down south) I remember going down there to check out some of the jobs and the SMELL of the mold. It was rough. All the dumpsters lining the roads just wreaked.
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