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i am trying to find the specifications for ASTM C1439 and ACI 548.3

thank you
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For which of the 25 or so categories?
i believe i need to see all of it.

i have patented a new moisture blocking cement formulation and have contacted the head of the portland cement association to see which guidelines i should check against.

it was recommended that i check my cement formula against those guidelines.
HERE's a start.

As you can see, they've probably written several thousand testing methods.
i was hoping for the free answer is it all available in one book?
If you have gone through the problems, costs and effort, buying the appropriate standards would be vakuable.

You can go to the ASTM site and get a summary of any ASTM standard, but the may not be sufficient for your needs. You can then get a download (.pdf) of one for a price, depending on the number a pages. If you feel you may need to get other standards, you can join (for about $95) and chose which one set of similar standards you want to download for nothing.

You could call ACI to sell what standards are available that you may be interested in.

Many firm have standards in their private library, but there may not be current enough for your needs. It is rare to find current standards in public libraries.

The cost of creating, printing and distributing standrds is very high, even though the professionals that create them are volunteering their time and travel expenses.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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