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Well guys, One thing I know nothing about is asphalt. So I'm calling on you pros to see what you think. I have some ideas but I don't want to jump on this without doing some research.

I went to price a job for a lady the other day, and ended up pricing 6 different projects. One of which was a 3 1/2' wide by 31' long sidewalk that appears to be asphalt its entire thickness. Now the sidewalk itself sits up fairly high, as in you have to step-up about 10" immediately when walking off the street level sidewalk onto this sidewalk between houses.

Its in fairly good shape. There are a couple, maybe 4 or 5 small spots where there is a little bit of asphalt missing from over the years.

Now I always stand behind my work so I don't want it to turn into a nightmare that not only costs me money to repair, but other jobs with this lady as well.

Like most clients, she is looking for the cheapest route possible, which eliminates removing the entire thing and doing a completely new pour.

She also gets some water that runs off the side and down along the house into the basement.

Right now my 2 thoughts are drilling some holes and sticking rebar in, then pouring about 3" of concrete on top with reinforcing fibers mixed in. Then running a bead of something along the side to prevent the water from running down into the house. The existing asphalt is already slopped so the water runs downhill and the bead of whatever I use just keeps the water on the main slope if that makes sense. Now she does have a lot of ice build up on this sidewalk because there is only 1 downspout on then one entire side of her house and her neighbors and I think rain is often causing the gutter to overfill and pour over the side but that's a complete different issue to address.

Now my second idea would be to just buy a small amount of hot asphalt and lay it over and compact to a thickness of about 3" but I've never done asphalt work so I don't know if its as easy as it sounds or not.

Any thoughts or ideas?
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