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Asphalt Paver

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I currently am in the asphalt maintenance business. I am looking to expand to include asphalt paving. I would require a small paver 8'-12'. I have looked at the Gehl 1448, and some other pavers. Anyone have experience with asphalt pavers used for driveways, and parking lots? Any suggestions would be appreciated, particularly with the Gehl pavers.

Thanks, Bill
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I know the Gehl paver units of today are a decendent of what used to be "Pucket Bros". They use to build the PB 450 or 650. They were probably the first decent small paver built and many of them are running today. Now I see that the brothers may have re-started thier business because I think i saw the name "Puckett Manufacturing" out there.

I know very little about the new Gehl units or any other small paver as we have always been rubber tire Blaw Knox users and we use them on anything from driveways over 20 ton on up to parking lots and roads.

But I can tell you in our area the most poular small pavers are the Lee Boy pavers. They seem to do a nice job but i believe many would consider them a disposal paver in the sense that after so many hours its cheaper to get rid of and start over rather than rebuild.

Blaw Knox became IR and now I think they merged and became Volvo and during this morph period they took in the old Neal design and redesigned it, tossed the BK name on it and re-marketed it so what was once a company that only sold commercial and highway class machines were now into the smaller residential and small commercial paver markets. I'm to understand these new BK or IR or Volvo little track units are very productive.
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small paver

Bill, there's a new solution on the market called Pavijet MG7, it is a small paver to be attached to any skid loader, you can find it at
Up to now it is the smartest and cheapest solution for small paving jobs
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