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London-based artist Alex Chinneck creates spectacles that combine illusion, humor, and design. In his work entitled “From the knees of my nose to the belly of my toes“ he fabricated a facade that appears to be sliding off an apartment building! The work explores themes of urban decay, and it’s certainly a head-turning addition to an otherwise ordinary street.

To create the appearance of a melting wall, Chinneck exposed the topmost part of the structure and remodeled the brick face. Structural supports were added to the base to fabricate a curve, and a thin brick covering was added to give the impression of a fluid exterior.

“It has social issues, it struggles with high levels of crime and the grand architecture has fallen into a fairly fatigued state. Increasingly like that idea of exposing the truth and the notion of superficiality,” he said in an interview with Dezeen. “I didn’t go into the project with that idea, but as it evolved I started to like that.”

The house can be viewed at 1 Godwin Road, Cliftonville, Margate UK, until October 2014. Afterwards, it will be turned into residential housing with a more traditional appearance.

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