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Armstrong HSI Board

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Morning Guys

Hey how in the hec do the people at Armstrong get 208 (3 ph) to drop down to 115 vt for the hsi igniter. The inducer motor is 208 and the systems transformer is a 208 to 24vt.

Problem is I do not have the board, some one took it some time ago as it being a roof top unit they also took all of the diagrams as well as all of the ser and mod numbers with them. Just a simple way of saying they are the only ones that can fix the unit, nice huh.

What I ended up doing is going with a Honeywell S 86 ignition system and using interminet type design. Also had to put new relay in for the inducer motor to start and stop.

But how do they make the drop down?

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They either do it with a transformer or any leg to groud is 115 volts.
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