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Armstrong 'Grand Illusions' Laminate

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I had not installed this product before this week. I was suprised by the high gloss 'finish'- more than most real wood products- and the stout composition of the 1/2-inch core. This product was really nice to work with. The extra weight behind each plank is nice, seating perfectly, each board to the next with a low *click*.

The sheen could spell trouble for certain homes, with every sweaty thumbprint sticking out like a... sore... thumbprint? In this case, the home of a woman in her 70s who lives alone, and who uses a cane to get about, is the ideal environment.

Anyone else installed this one? I know its not 'new', just new to me.


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Ive put a few of those in. This floor makes you be a cleaning freak as you work but man is it glossy and sharp when its done.

till someone walks acoss with bare feet

It made my Magnum cutter work, its a pretty hearty thickness
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Maybe 10 jobs or so here. Good stuff. It looks real nice and you can leave the tapping block in the tool box.
...It made my Magnum cutter work, its a pretty hearty thickness
I have a much cheaper cutter. As you could imagine, the handle started to bend before I could cut throught these planks.


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Grand illusins is just the beginning. High gloss is back in laminates.
I wonder how long before Vinyl follow suit.
I dont see any advantage in a thicker material. Not like you will sand it down and refinish laminate.
What am I missing?
I dont see any advantage in a thicker material...
I can say that the weight of it seemed to make a difference in how it felt... more solid to walk on. Actually, felt like it was glued down.
Density is better for sound and it just feels more substantial when you walk on it
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