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I went to a seminar a few years back at the Hanley Wood Deck Expo in Florida. Adrienne Zoble Associates, Inc. was talking about schmoozing as a marketing plan.

Basically what it means is taking client, subs, vendors, insurance agents ect ect... out to lunch. Or to breakfast or for coffee.

Here is a little smoozing success story for you.

Last year I was working pretty hard to land a certain well to do customer. I could not get him to commit. So I invited him out to a local restaurant ( of which I was friends with the owner also from smoozing). We talked for over 2 ½ hours. I have since landed a number of jobs on his home. But the best part is that every time he comes into town ( he has a number of house through the United States) He calls and invites me out to lunch. He has kind off taken me under his wing and is helping me grow and improve my business. We talk about business and what I am doing to give back to the community. He even told me that I am going in the right direction with the smoozing I am doing. He called it the 85/15 rule. 85% of the people want to work and get a paycheck. The other 15% want to manage, to grow, to run a business, to make things happen. He tells me I am in the 15% for sure.

Inviting him to lunch was the best move I could have made.

Are you schmoozing?

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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